iMatix will support new AMQP/0.91 specifications

(August 26, 2008) iMatix Corporation has announced that it will support the forthcoming AMQP/0.91 specifications in its OpenAMQ product.

iMatix CEO Pieter Hintjens has said that iMatix will support AMQP/0.91 in OpenAMQ. He described this forthcoming specification as "significantly better" than AMQP/0.9. According to Hintjens, AMQP/0.91 has dropped the "work in progress" from AMQP/0.9 and removed all unused fields and classes. "The protocol spec shrunk from 75 to 40 pages", he said, "which is great for everyone."

The forthcoming AMQP/0.91 specification is the result of work by all members of the AMQP Working Group over the last year, and resolves over a hundred issues with AMQP/0.8 and AMQP/0.9, most minor but some that affected interoperability. Special effort was made to remove parts of the protocol that are unused, or not clearly interoperable. The result is the disappearance of many fields and classes which confused users and made it harder for products from different vendors to work together.

He described this version of the specification as "the best and most interoperable draft of AMQP ever made". According to Hintjens, other AMQP vendors also plan to support AMQP/0.91, which would provide users with a very broad range of interoperating clients and servers. He believes that this choice will spur interest in AMQP.

Regarding the AMQP/0-10 draft specifications, Hintjens concludes: "AMQP adoption has been hindered by the lack of interoperability and the growing size and complexity of the 0-10 specs. Quite frankly reading the 0-10 specs is painful. We consider AMQP/0-10 unimplementable, and will not be supporting it. But AMQP/0.91 is a lovely piece of work, and kudos to all those in the AMQP Working Group who helped to make it."

Note: the statements made in this news story are not guarantees of any kind. AMQP/0.91 is a work in progress and subject to official approval by the AMQP Working Group. It may never see the light of day, though obviously we want it to. When OpenAMQ moves to AMQP/0.91 it will mean all applications need to be reviewed. There will be API changes due to removed fields.


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