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seems that icl_mem_free() not working in version OpenAMQ-1.3d0
by: charan_manjucharan_manju
25 Sep 2009 15:08
4 by g_makulikg_makulik
05 Oct 2009 10:45 Jump!
When I receive the published message, I found that it is stripped at the end.
by: charan_manjucharan_manju
24 Sep 2009 12:48
I am getting connection->alive() as 0 even though connected to server.
by: charan_manjucharan_manju
01 Sep 2009 14:27
8 by g_makulikg_makulik
09 Sep 2009 12:17 Jump!
crash in icl library
by: kpoxkpox
08 Sep 2009 15:15
when I used amq_client_session_wait(connection->session, -1), it is waiting infinitely
by: charan_manjucharan_manju
31 Aug 2009 13:26
2 by g_makulikg_makulik
02 Sep 2009 15:27 Jump!
I am getting same performance in both using direct mode and not using direct mode. I used all the possible options, to get the maximum performance, but I am getting only 200 msg/sec as the possible performance.
by: charan_manjucharan_manju
25 Aug 2009 12:11
I am able to send the message to the queue, when I tried to receive the application is aborting with error in amq_client_session.c
by: charan_posacharan_posa
18 Aug 2009 07:26
I am working on a multithreaded application, where one of the threads is getting blocked due to amq_client_session_wait(), is there any work around.
by: charan_posacharan_posa
31 Jul 2009 13:12
When I am sending the messages to a particular queue, more than 1000 then some messages are missing when I am running an application which is continuously reading that queue.
by: charan_posacharan_posa
08 Jul 2009 10:28
15 by pieterhpieterh
16 Jul 2009 13:25 Jump!
For single queue i used exchange to publish messages in a queue without binding, For more than one publisher and queues. Should I use different exchanges for each publisher or with the same exchange and each publisher binding to a queue.
by: charan_posacharan_posa
16 Jul 2009 10:35
by: charan_posacharan_posa
26 May 2009 10:49
by: Jacobus GelukJacobus Geluk
11 Oct 2007 14:31
5 by carlskiicarlskii
27 Apr 2008 14:51 Jump!
OpenAMQ on FreeBSD
by: Jacobus GelukJacobus Geluk
01 Jan 2008 14:55
2 by Jacobus GelukJacobus Geluk
03 Mar 2008 14:58 Jump!
by: Jacobus GelukJacobus Geluk
22 Oct 2007 11:58
5 by martin_sustrikmartin_sustrik
25 Oct 2007 16:27 Jump!
After running ./ it appears that the build hangs while building apr.
by: murphmurph
12 Jul 2007 22:06
Using my own client library (in development), I can reliably cause OpenAMQ/1.2c1 to segfault. There is a good possibility that my library is buggy or non-conforming, but the server must not crash, even when handed a bad data stream.
by: evil_ottoevil_otto
28 Mar 2007 23:46
4 by martin_sustrikmartin_sustrik
29 Mar 2007 12:44 Jump!
Command line executable for PAL scripts
by: Anonymous
23 Mar 2007 00:45
4 by Anonymous
23 Mar 2007 17:33 Jump!